Hockliffe – Residential; Site For Travelling Showpeople

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Created February 11, 2015 by Concerned Neighbour


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    There are enough sites these people can use in the local area without the need for this one also. Area is green belt and must be protected. This road is dangerous enough without their ‘show vehicles’ and their driving techniques adding to the danger. I object to this application

  2. Simon smith UNITED KINGDOM

    I object to more of the travelling community coming into the green belt, why should they live on it when no normal law abiding citizen would be allowed to build on it let alone put a business on it.


    I object to this planning application!!

  4. Darren

    I object to this planning application!!

  5. Claire brown UNITED KINGDOM

    Not enough school places for the extra children

  6. Shelly crallan GERMANY

    I object to this planning application. Have the council even considered the repercussions to the local communities if this goes ahead? There are plenty of other traveller sites in the surrounding area. No more are needed. How about instead boosting the surrounding towns and villages by providing better facilities (I.e doctors/schools)!

  7. julie farmer UNITED KINGDOM

    I object to this application application


    This is a greenbelt site and planning permission, all be it retrospectively, should not be granted. There should be no permission granted to build on greenbelt. There must be other local brown field sites not currently utilised that could be used instead.

  9. Jessie Ferguson UNITED KINGDOM

    I object to this planning application .

  10. Elaine Digby UNITED KINGDOM

    I oppose this application. There are more than enough sites to accommodate the travelling community in this area. Green belt land needs to stay protected as it is, hence the reason why building is prohibited. The local roads and services are already stretched and overcrowded.

  11. Lee Baldwin UNITED KINGDOM

    Schooling cannot cope within the Leighton buzzard area as it is, please don’t destroy our wonderful villages, losing out to the solar field is bad, more travellers site is far worse


    I object to this planned site entirely. This is green belt countryside. There are enough travellers sites in the area. Leave lovely Eggington alone!

  13. Nicola Houghton UNITED KINGDOM

    No thanks


    I object to these plans. If this land is available then I think they should use it for council houses for our children so they can live in the same area as their families, like they used to years ago and not have to live with their parents or forced to move out of area. We need to prioritise the local people and not new people coming into the area, especially ones who are not contributing to the councils by not paying community tax etc and that are becoming a problem to our community. If not housing then supply a static caravan park for the young people of Leighton Buzzard to live until council home become available for them.

  15. Annette Noakes UNITED KINGDOM

    No thanks

  16. Daniel Benson

    No no no. Absolutely not!!!!!!

  17. simone UNITED KINGDOM

    I would like to register my objection to the proposed site for “Travelling Entertainers”. This is not appropriate or wanted by locals. The road is too small for this sort of increase in usage and type of vehicles. Together with the currently approved housing developments in the area wherein a supply relief road will not be made untill 4 years time I submit that this will result in a dangerous amount of traffic congestion in the area.

  18. andrew wright UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely not, if the land is available then should be for houses and not another traveller site.

  19. Stephen Dockrell UNITED KINGDOM

    If money is available and green belt planning rules can be ignored, then build homes for people who need them on the site, not yet another traveller site


    There are sufficient travelling sites in South Bedfordshire area to cater for the current level of traveller families. Provided they use caravans and not build chalets they will still have sufficient room for future family expansion.

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