Human Rights for All Babies born between 10 And 42 weeks

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Created September 10, 2010 by samantha

Human Rights

Our present aims

Sleeping Angels aims to raise money for Family Bereavement Rooms to be located and available in all hospitals. The first hospital who has agreed to provide this service is West Middlesex Hospital, all the news and photos on this to follow shortly.

We aim to create a register that will eventually be acknowledged as a legal document for babies born sleeping 10-42 weeks.

To raise awareness of the law that says a baby is not viable unless over the gestation of 24 weeks. So, even if your baby is healthy, if he or she doesn't breath unaided, then medical staff 'by law' don't resuscitate!!

Finally to raise awareness of the sometimes insensitive and just inhumane way a mother is treated after experiencing the loss of her baby ie being put in a ward with mothers with healthy babies…

There are currently 52 signatures for this petition:

  1. Kelly Dimmick Stourbridge west mids

    In memory of my beatiful little girl who lived for an hour and a half unaided, but in spite of this no one tried to save her and she is refered to as a "Misscarriage". This is terriable when mothers have to go through full labour.

  2. Sharon Costin Nuneaton UNITED KINGDOM

    I think this facility should be available for all families in this sad situation. It will go some way to help make a situation like this slightly more bearable.

  3. sarah harvey attleborough UNITED KINGDOM

    for my friend kelly xx

  4. terri sheridan bungay UNITED STATES
  5. Di Finch Bridport UNITED KINGDOM

    I so hope that you succeed. No-one can do enough to help these families.

  6. lianne redgate Swindon UNITED KINGDOM
  7. samantha sidebottom banrnsley UNITED KINGDOM
  8. laura todd barnsley UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Victoria Salter UNITED KINGDOM
  10. margaret armitage york UNITED KINGDOM

    i'm signing this after the sad loss of my 2 angel babies x

  11. danielle jackson Barnsley
  12. jodey agg UNITED KINGDOM

    I lost a baby at 8 weeks but carried until 13+6 weeks xxxx love to all who have lost a precious baby x

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