Improve Slow Internet Connections By Supporting A Fibre Optic Provider At Ability Place, E14

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Created November 3, 2012 by Rik


This petition is to implore ability place to consider and improve the state of internet availability at the building. Despite being minutes away from the financial centre of london – the most modern part of the city – residents are experiencing internet connection speeds, through adsl (the only option currently available), slower than many rural parts of england! This doesn’t only prevent us enjoying our free time (sometimes even streaming a lovefilm movie is impossible), but also impacts our ability to work from home (for better or worse). We petition ability place – hallmark property management & the ability group – to start a dialogue with one of the willing fibre broadband providers such as hyperoptic (http://www. Hyperoptic. Com/ tel: 03333 321 111) to provide high speed internet access to residents in lieu of bt’s failures and unwillingless to resolve the poor internet speeds – in peak times sometimes barely crawling above 1-2mbps – caused by the overloaded poplar exchange. This petition, its signatories and original drafter are absolutely not sponsored by or affiliated with hyperoptic.

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