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Created October 11, 2009 by Maria


CCTV is essential to protect passengers travelling on commercial flights. The passenger becomes very vulnerable, especially whilst 35,000 feet in air. The intention of this petition is to put forth a request for a reliable CCTV system to be a mandatory, and the responsibility of the airline to implement this system for consumer safety. The system should be incorporated in all commercial aircraft flight cabins and galleys. The Captain and first officer should operate this system; this will prevent any manipulation of data by any other flight staff. The system should be set at the beginning of the flight for the whole duration, without any interruptions. If we can put enough signatures forward to The Civil Aviation Authority, and the (ATOL) Air Travel Organizers

There are currently 8 signatures for this petition:

  1. Goldberg Mitch Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Ruth Van Buren Las Vegas,, NV USA UNITED STATES

    I travel a lot in Europe – London being my base.

  3. Maria Goldberg UNITED KINGDOM

    Protection is required for all consumers whist in a confined space 35,000 feet in the air.

  4. Andrew Land St. Ives UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Charlotte Waters Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM

    I believe CCTV would be invaluable to protect passengers and aircraft personnel. I am surprised this has not been implemented before now!

  6. Marcus Stevens Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Louise Izadi Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely back this 100%. Seems ridiculous that it\'s not in place already.

  8. joel raznick Los Angeles UNITED STATES
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