Install Crash Barriers on the M4 Betwen Junctions 11 and 12

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Created July 25, 2010 by Rhianydd


On the 30th of april 2010 my parents were involved in a horrific car crash on the m4 east bound carriageway between junctions 11 (reading) and 12 (theale) which my father was killed and mother was seriously injured my parents where driving a suzuki sx4 in the middle lane when it collided with a black bmw 335i, the speed that my parents where travelling at was about 70 mph my parents car left the carriageway and came to a stop at the side of the motorway and my father was pronounced dead at the scene, I have been to the crash site four times and along the side of the motorway between junctions 11 and 12 of the m4 you have crash barriers along side the motorway but however where my parents had come off the motorway there was no barriers installed I would like to no why and also how I go about changing or getting someone to install barriers all along side the motorway not just in some parts. Had barriers been in place all along the side of the junctions 11 and 12 then my parents car would not have left the motorway and my father would still be alive and with us and my mother would not have been so badly injured. Dear Everyone Please Sign this petition to show the Highways Department council that the M4 needs to install crash barriers all along side the junctions of 11 and 12 and not just on some parts. This will help to stop horrible crashes from happening and causing e even more deaths on our motorways. Sincerely

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  1. ben kember UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Tessa Merrett Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Billy Edmonds Southend-On-Sea UNITED KINGDOM

    Sorry to hear about your loss bro!

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