Investigation into the legality of the Recent BBC/SKY F1 deal

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Created September 26, 2011 by F1_Fan


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  1. Nick Gibson UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC have acted in a way that prevents, restrict and distort competition.


    No To SKY

  3. Mark Hyson

    BBC can afford it!


    A truly disgraceful move by the BBC to stifle the competition and create a situation which benefits neither the F1 fans nor the licence-fee payer generally.

  5. Steve Ennever UNITED KINGDOM

    This absurd deal makes no sense either financially for the BBC, or for the best interests of the viewer &/or license fee payer, & also appears to be illegal – as it provided no competition for other bidders.
    Therefore I submit OFT should examine it.

  6. simon mills


  7. Innes Donaldson UNITED KINGDOM

    No to the Sky deal a level playing field if the BBC don’t want Fomula One


    Keep F1 on FTA channel

  9. colin clarke

    NO TO F1 ON SKY.

    Bryston 55

  10. But Now What UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC has definitely restricted fair competition when they entered into this illegal deal; and while in this dominant position they abused their dominance by inviting BskyB to the table. Thus, by the BBC extending this deal with BskyB, they prevented any other interested Parties, who were genuinely interested in acquiring the F1 TV rights, from making a legitimate bid once the present contract had ended.

    The OFT and OFCOM really need to seriously look into this, as a matter of urgency.

    No to F1 on Sky and Yes to F1 on FTA.

  11. Karen Terry UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC no longer puts the audience at the heart of their programming.

    The BBC abused its position as primary contract holder to prevent Channel 4 from showing F1.

  12. Susan Angel UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC have turned over one of our national treasures to the power and money mad murdochs. Understandably fans are angry with this decision, not only are other free to air competitors being stopped from being able to bid for the formula one rights, the fans are being asked to pay for a subscription service on top of the licence fee. This is unacceptable for us to be asked to pay for a subscription (which on basic package plus Sky Sports I believe is in the region of £400) to watch all the races live especially in the current economic climate. Formula One is an exciting sport promoting British talent and to dilute it will reduce viewing figures and affect team sponsorship, without sponsorship the sport will fail.

  13. Dot Kewley UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC had also stated that they themselves may have had end the original contract at the end of this season (2011, one year early) due to finances.
    So in effect the BBC have extended a contract by 5 years whilst they were in a dominant position although they were in no position to make a new bid once the contract ended thus preventive other interested parties from making a legitimate bid.

  14. mark kent UNITED KINGDOM

    no to sky its a rip off £480.00 pounds a year to see the ten races you cant get on the bbc is disgusting value for money

  15. Ashley Martin UNITED KINGDOM

    No to Sky

  16. Colin Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Biggest mistake the Bbc has made.F1 is the one thing I have followed for as long as my father had a black and white tv. I can not afford to pay sky to watch the FULL season so feel very let down by the BBC .I feel so upset that I wonder why the license fee still exists

  17. Graham Hodge UNITED KINGDOM

    This deal should not be allowed to go ahead, there is nothing in it which will benefit the liccence payer. The BBC asking the licence payer to pay a subscrition to Sky to watch F1 is just wrong.

  18. simon sworn UNITED KINGDOM

    No to Sky, please keep F1 free to air. It’s a British global sport that brings in some much money and jobs to this country, it will be a travesty to watch it crumble.

  19. nathan lacey-hatton UNITED KINGDOM

    why should we have to pay extra for it

  20. Sam Thombs UNITED KINGDOM

    This definately needs investigating, the F1 world brings an awful lot of money into the British economy and many young engineers aspire to work in that field, if the sport is no longer accesssible we will lose generations of children wanting to go into engineering, and there is already talk of shortages. There is a reason why so many of the teams choose to be based in the UK despite there being so many other countries where they could do their business more cheaply.
    Also there is the question of one media company having do much of the British sport TV audience market, surely it can not be right. Live sport will become a niche market soon that can only be watched and enjoyed by people who can afford it, that goes against the whole ethos of this country in my opinion.

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