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Created June 5, 2008 by Sarah


With millions of customers iTunes UK is the biggest music download store but it has been taking advantage of our nature as Brits to be duped into buying things that are out of our price range and people have been going through with it because they feel there is nothing they can do about it. 79p per song.
For a file that lasts up to 3 minutes! When the US pay less than $1 a track, we pay almost double.
This week iTunes launched the film service in the UK but with its curse. The price. We are being told to pay £10.99 for new films. Films which can be bought on DVD, ripped and converted for less.

The Eu have voiced their concern and asked iTunes to consider going 'pan-European' i.e. everyone in Europe pays the same price.
This may sound good but in reality they are only expecting to bring the price down by a measly penny! 1p! So instead of 79p per track its going to be 78p. How is that different? The US customers pay considerably less.

They also have the audacity to make us pay more than any other iTunes store and expect us to rent the film for £2.49 +. We should be allowed to buy as we are paying more than the Americans and the French.

Under no circumstance does $1 equal £1.00. Under no circumstance does $15 equal £10.99. Under no circumstance does $1.99 equal £1.89.

Here's what we pay.
£0.79 for music
£1.89 for video
£10.99 for films

Here's what the US pays in our currency.
£0.50 for music
£1.01 for video
£8.09 for films.

It isn't fair at all.

We have to be treated fairly if we want to curb illegal downloads.

In a democracy we should experience the favouritism that iTunes obviously has with America. It can only be better for us in the UK and for the company itself as with cheaper and fairer prices, there will be more customers and more money.

So please, if you echo my feelings of being taken for granted by iTunes UK. Sign this petition and make your voice heard.

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  1. Faheem Shah MK UNITED KINGDOM


  2. keith williams UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Nicola Bartlett luton UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Jasmin Palmer Truro UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Luke Shore Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM

    Now most of the songs you want to buy are 99p!

  6. Wayne Abbott Plymouth GERMANY
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