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Created August 6, 2008 by Amber


I was recently looking at the Official Jonas Brothers Website and found out that they was doing a US Tour. I was extremely upset when I found out that they wouldn't be coming here. I am a huge Jonas fan and as far as I know they have never done a UK Tour/Show on there own. As much as I would like to go and see them in America, I can't as I don't have that kind of money. I am sure there are lots of UK Jonas fans out there and I would appriciate it if you could sign this. I'm convinced that you would like them to do a tour as much as I would. If there are any fans of theirs currently living in the UK please sign this. I plan to E-Mail/Post this to The Jonas Brothers urging them to consider doing a tour here in the UK. This will not be possible if I do not have many signitures. I need enough to convince them.
Thanks. Love Amber xoxo

There are currently 10 signatures for this petition:

  1. Amber Briers UNITED KINGDOM
  2. joshua *** UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Olivia Richards UNITED KINGDOM

    I'd love them to come to Birmigham!

  4. Charmaine Henry Dublin IRELAND

    Come To Ireland Jonas Brotheres We Love You:D

  5. Alex Grannell Bolton UNITED KINGDOM

    come to manchester :)

  6. lucy b-k UNITED KINGDOM
  7. hayley may doran UNITED KINGDOM
  8. darren king UNITED KINGDOM
  9. mairéad mchenry ballycastle, northeren ireland UNITED KINGDOM

    my region is northern ireland. i was really upset 2 and i have been at my mum 2 take me 2 america but its a big no!!!

  10. stephanie cooper UNITED KINGDOM

    i would love the jonas brothers to come to the uk because i am a huge fun!! i hope you will get enough signitures!!

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