Justice for Julian Assange

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Created December 16, 2010 by Michael

Human Rights

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There are currently 27 signatures for this petition:

  1. Michael Keller Newcastle upon Tyne UNITED KINGDOM

    All we are asking is for Mr Julian Assange to be treated in a manner that is fair, transparent, lawful and consistent with the accusations that have been made against him.

  2. Frank Macskasy New Zealand NEW ZEALAND
  3. Freda Lobb Upper Hutt NEW ZEALAND
  4. saliha likun malaysia MALAYSIA

    for the sake of truth

  5. peter petterson lower hutt NEW ZEALAND

    Ensure some justice for somebody who has spoken out, even if this has consequences.

  6. Elena Richter GERMANY
  7. Finn Reddington Seaton UNITED STATES
  8. David Rawson Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    American fascism run mad.

  9. Bettina Hoffmann Soest GERMANY

    Justice for Mr. Assange!
    Only the truth must reign! WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

  10. Nishant AGRAWAL Delhi INDIA

    i support the petition.

  11. Jacob Krejberg Knudsen DENMARK

    In the name of justice

  12. Jayne Mcgurrin-Feshold UNITED STATES

    he has been unjustly imprisoned—hasn’t seen the sun 4 four years or his girlfriend and children. hopefully he can return 2 Australia 4 Christmas and take his cat that his children gave him. He speaks truth 2 power and should b free and compensated 4 his imprisonment and apologized 2.

  13. Jayne Mcgurrin-Feshold UNITED STATES

    Julian deserves Christmas @ home in Australia with his family(2 small sons and girlfriend) and hopefully he can take the cat his sons gifted him with him. He has been unjustly imprisoned, not seeing the sun or his family, for 4 years. He deserves compensation and an apology. Merry Christmas Freedom, Julian

  14. Aubrey Nunes UNITED KINGDOM

    What Julian Assange was originally accused of in Sweden would not be considered a crime in England. It is standard in extradition proceedings to show that the alleged offence is equally culpable in the two relevant jurisdictions. That well established principal has been set aside in this case. Julian Assange should be released immediately

  15. Andrea Sutton UNITED KINGDOM

    Julian Assange has done nothing wrong. US and UK governments are embarrassed by what he reveals.

  16. Martha Meyer GERMANY

    Because we the people need courageous people to get to know the truth!

  17. Animae

    Crucifying Julian is the suicide of honest journalism!!

  18. Christopher Plunkett UNITED KINGDOM

    If whistleblowing is stifled that leaves those in power or with power a free hand to commit whatever crimes they wish in serving themselves.

  19. DavidTurner GERMANY

    He is being unjustly held because of political influence from the US.

  20. Audrey Cowan

    This is disgusting treatment of a journalist doing his job

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