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Created September 23, 2010 by KAY

Human Rights

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There are currently 499 signatures for this petition:

  1. Tessa winn wolverhampton UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Jackie Hill Ilfracombe UNITED KINGDOM

    Nick needs to back where he belongs xxx

  3. Carly Edwards Sydney Australia AUSTRALIA
  5. Cathy Kennedy St Albans UNITED KINGDOM

    You have my support. Get some of these over paid Judges off their backsides & do the jobs the Tax payers expect. Too many innocent people suffering because of idiots in charge of Criminal & Civil Court proceedings.

  6. Heather Sommerfeldt La Crosse

    Free Nick Rose

  7. donna rowe albuquerque UNITED STATES
  8. sarah miles ramsgate UNITED KINGDOM

    anything 2 see an inicent man let free. he sould never of been put away in the 1st place. i keep praying, god bleess, and good luck.

  9. Gemma McGuire London UNITED KINGDOM
  10. bernadette major wakefield UNITED KINGDOM

    this is another example of the police been incompitant.Let this lad have a chance.

  11. Jill Lovell-Nicholson Sydney UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Lorraine Roach Southminster UNITED KINGDOM

    Yet ANOTHER Miscarriage of Justice…..WHEN OH WHEN will the Government SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE…..?

  13. clare simpson windsor UNITED KINGDOM
  14. donna spicer reading uk UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Courtenay Hole Exeter UNITED KINGDOM
  16. William Cleveland London UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Michelle Corney Northolt UNITED KINGDOM

    This man is innocent and deserves to be heard !

  18. Bill Pelke Anchorage, Alaska USA UNITED STATES
  19. Charmaine Clarke London UNITED KINGDOM

    Thoughts and prayers to Nick and Family.

  20. catherine turley UNITED STATES
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