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Created September 23, 2010 by KAY

Human Rights

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    This case should be fully investigated. I pray that this happens soon

  2. Sheila Davenport West Yorkshire UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Ann Atkinson Nashville UNITED STATES
  4. Yvonne Belardini surrey UNITED KINGDOM

    Please get to the truth for this young man and his family.

  5. Joanne Kane Troon UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Holli Goodman Ilfracombe UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Liza Benbow Bellevue WA UNITED STATES

    TO accuse someone of a murder where there is no evidence of a body is preposterous! I know what it is like to be a victim of the judicial system. I dont understand this "guilty until proven innocent" mentality still reigns and is now adopted by American courts as well.\\r\\nShame on the powers that be for holding someone responsible for lack of evidence in any regard. BOO! HISS!!! Unless you can prove he has taken a life, give this poor man his life back!

  8. laura humpage wirral UNITED KINGDOM

    the justice system is to quick to get a result theses days even if it mean convicting the wrong person and this is just wrong.. keep your chin up nick you have got great friends and family who are fighting for you 100%. you will soon be home back where you belong

  9. Trevor Wakenshaw Newcastle upon Tyne UNITED KINGDOM

    I sincerely hope justice is done for both Nick and his family.

  10. c edwards london UNITED KINGDOM

    innocent man should go free

  11. Paula Green jersey channel islands UNITED KINGDOM

    Hope all goes well x

  12. Emma Young Chicago UNITED STATES

    I live in the USA where there is also so much injustice – & my son has also been wrongfully convicted & incarcerated. I pray that Nick & my son Ivan & all others who deserve it will receive justice.

  13. bridget Mcarthur stirling UNITED KINGDOM

    please look into this innocent man being put into prison when he is inocent

  14. julie adams poole UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Nick Oliver Plymouth
  16. j cole poole UNITED KINGDOM
  17. nicola yates ongar UNITED KINGDOM

    this case needs to go to retrial as soon as possible.

  18. john horton ongar UNITED KINGDOM
  19. jacqui collins glasgow UNITED KINGDOM

    What Justice System!! It's the Corrupt System!

  20. Barbara Allan New York, USA UNITED STATES
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