Keep Night Buses From Bangor To Bethesda!

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Created October 25, 2012 by Josephine

Attention! Many people who travel home from work in the evening, at least after 7. 00pm, or people who want to just get home in the evening from bethesda to bangor and vice versa rely on the evening buses, the 8. 35pm, the 10. 00pm and the 10. 45pm. Now if these stopped, where would they be? They are not guaranteed a lift and then they’d have to walk 5 miles! (in the dark).  If you are one of these people please sign my petition now! Many people who use these buses will not know about this so tell all your friends and get them to sign it!!!! THIS IS AN URGENT APPEAL! THE CHANGES WILL TAKE PLACE ON 5TH NOVENBER UNLESS YOU ALL ACT NOW!!!!

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