Legalise Cannabis

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Created November 11, 2010 by John


The debate of whether or not to legalise cannabis is a long running and global one which separates politicians, media, and individuals. On the one hand, there are those that believe the use of cannabis leads to harder drugs and may cause psychological problems in regular users, but on the other there are those that have a different standpoint on the cannabis debate; those that believe cannabis users are essentially only pushed on to harder drugs because they are forced to seek refuge from dealers that sell a variety of narcotics.

Scientists are caught in the debate too. While some, typically older studies indicate that there may be a link to psychological problems; more recent studies have shown that alcohol is far more damaging than cannabis. It is also more addictive than the

There are currently 216 signatures for this petition:

  1. Hannah glynn UNITED KINGDOM

    A natural product of our environment, no body has ever died from this drug unlike drugs such as alcohol which are legalised and abused.


    Relieves stress

  3. john g

    why should alcohol be legal and weed not when alcohol causes far more problems than weed.

  4. john g

    why should alcohol be legal and weed not,alcohol causes far more social problems than weed ever has

  5. Adelaide Hughes


  6. Amy barrie UNITED KINGDOM

    Regulation will benefit generations of children in the future, so that their undeveloped brains can benefit this not being. Gateway drug. Besides, it has many medical benefits for some.


    Tobacco is much worse, and weed is more fun.


    Better for you than alcohol and tobacco, feels better than alcohol or tobacco, and you cab make a variety of stylish knitwear out of it.

  9. paul g UNITED KINGDOM

    nothing wrong with weed its the other stuff like heroin and coke that should be banned. weed is harmless

  10. Liam Hallas UNITED KINGDOM

    A natural substance that is not harmful and helps some people overcome issues in there life with releasing stress 420 bitches!!

  11. Benjamin UNITED KINGDOM

    It can give you a philological effect but it can also relieve stress when your going through the bad times in life. If anything should be illegal then it should be alcohol.

  12. Deppresson R Us

    coz they make good pot brownies

  13. zara brown UNITED KINGDOM

    As it’s proven to cure cancer and has thousands of medical use and grows natural why else shouldn’t it be legal it’s best thing on market oh sorry that black market due to igronent government that are so back about are human rights

  14. Mark

    I believe it’s now time for change,

  15. Daniel holigan UNITED KINGDOM

    Weed is good for you man


    Has 2 many cures need 2 start blazing da **** instead of popping pills

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