Loss Of Weekend Diving Pool Times Due To Swimming Galas At Crystal Palace Sports Centre

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Created May 7, 2012 by Yigit


My son kaan is part of the crtsyal palace diving club along with many pupils and being trained on saturdays at the crystal palace sports centre. We have been given the opportunity to choose a day for his training and we have chosen saturdays. Unfortunately over the last few months we have lost diving pool time at least a few times due to swimming galas taken place at the swimming pool area. When this happens all the training is then taken place in the dry diving gym but considering the number of children and the capacity of the facility it is very difficult to schedule and the outcome of the training of so many divers at the same time is not positive at all. Pool time is when they can truly practice what they learn under the supervision of their coaches. It is also the part most enjoyed by the divers. My son was reluctant to go training after a few experiences of only dry gym training. After inquiring the reason i have found out from gill snode, who is in charge of the diving club, that despite their efforts they were not able to do anything about it. Gll the governing body who’s organising these galas need to try and see that these galas are taken away practice time from the diving club and it is simply not fair. I am sure that if wanted a reasonable solution can be obtained.

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