Make English Language Official Language In Bulgaria

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Created August 31, 2015 by Svetla Zapryanova


As a masive fan of internet and the web technologies i would like to claim for your support here! According a big demand of the modern world and increased influence of the information technologies, social media and the web, i would like to invite you to sing that petition as a  support for making ‘the English language official in Bulgaria’ where we are used to use cyrillic alphabet and bulgarian language. Making official english language, will benefit us with better, more natively understanding England, Britain but also a big part of European culture as from the language derives: https://simple. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/english_language

There are currently 2 signatures for this petition:

  1. Svetla Zapryanova UNITED KINGDOM

    Creator of the petition, I have already posted my reasons for the petition.

  2. carol comish UNITED KINGDOM

    every one is a human but you treat them as less than human.

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