Make The Choice Of Secondary Education In Milton Keynes Fair To All Children In Milton Keynes

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Created March 6, 2014 by Michelle Scott and Donna Bellhouse


We live in Bradwell Common and have children who are in year 5 at Summerfield school. Along with lot of other parents in the school, we have been thinking hard about our children’s next step in life and their choice of secondary school. I am shocked and, quite frankly, extremely worried to learn that not only are my sons chances of getting a place at his preferred schools have gone from slim to none due to the fact that he would not have attended a “feeder” school, but that our children in fact have absolutely no choice of school as the LA will simply decline their application and offer a place at the only school within our catchment area: Stantonbury. No other choice.

I have spoken with other parents about this, some who are in the same position as me and considering their child’s options and others who have made their applications and all been declined because they are out of catchment, only being offered a place at Stantonbury. There are many parents who are dismayed at the system. Most other areas in Milton Keynes have a choice of 2 or 3 schools in their catchment area, good schools. Why are we limited to only one? Not only is the application process for secondary school misleading as the LA ask you to put a choice of 3 schools, but our children are more or less being forced to attend a school that is less than mediocre, too big to provide a decent education to all pupils and put pupils, from what I have been told, last on their priority list.

We know that a child’s success through school does depend on what the individual child puts in to it. However the child has to be given the right opportunities and attitude too. Stantonbury has had a consistently bad reputation for years and, while some students may come out with reasonable grades, they constantly fail others. By forcing our children to attend this school as the LA are saying they have no other option, our children are being disadvantaged right from the beginning of their secondary education.

This predicament is not limited only to this side of Milton Keynes. There are other estates that only have one secondary school within their catchment and, again, a school that continues to fail. This petition for a change is for all areas of Milton Keynes.

We know that there are parents who are willing to fight this unfair allocation process. How can a few estates in milton keynes only have the “choice” of one school for secondary education, a school that doesn’t even provide a good level of education? Why should our children be put at a disadvantage because of the area they live in, which is not a bad area, and because of the lack of other schools in such a wide area? Our children deserve better than this. The choice of secondary education should be fair to all children across Milton Keynes.

What we want is for every estate in Milton Keynes to have at least two secondary schools within their catchment area, thereby giving a choice. Catchment areas should be revised to ensure a fair choice for all areas of Milton Keynes.

We also suggest that Stantonbury Secondary School is too big. It is one of the biggest schools in the UK and it shows that it is too much for one head teacher to handle. Stantonbury Secondary School should be split in to two separate secondary schools with two separate head teachers and a complete overhaul of the current teaching staff to bring the level of secondary education provided up to an acceptable level and to ensure that all staff have the ability to cope with this.

If you agree, sign and forward.

There are currently 8 signatures for this petition:

  1. Michelle Scott and Donna Bellhouse UNITED KINGDOM

    Our children have the right to a decent education. Why should they be forced to attend a school that will not provide this?

  2. Nadia slatch UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree we would have a 2/3 choices of schools not just allocated one school

  3. Rebecca Cullen UNITED KINGDOM

    Everyone should have a choice

  4. laura

    As a parent I’m extremely worried about this catchment area and the fact that eventually when my four children are at the age to move onto secondary school someone can force my children to attend a school ( stantonbury) I do not wish them to attend, infact I would go as far to say I would rather home tutor my children then send then to this school! We have a right to choose which school we would like our children to attend. shouldn’t people have their own right to decide their futures and not be dictated by others and in this case FORCED! regards, very angry mother!

  5. Abbey Leach

    I want my child to have the education that he deserves and the choice of school which is most supportive of this

  6. diane bailey

    this would involve my four grandchildren who are extremely intelligent children and they deserve to be well educated throughout their school years they work very hard at school and so far enjoy school they should not be let down by the system !!!!!

  7. Laura Baird

    My children attend summerfield and my older two attend MK academy I believe my younger two should have a choice of schools also

  8. julie cartwright UNITED KINGDOM

    every child should have the same chance they should all be treated in the same way i think it is outrageous that my nieces and nephews and all the other children this involves and parents. are been railroaded yet again ie you will except this i will do everything i can to help my family we all want the best for our children

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