More 24 Hour Panel People

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Created March 14, 2011 by LaKeisha


Dear BBC,

We ask you to please show us a more of 24 Hour Panel People.

Many of us had a spectacular 24 hours, watching 24 Hour Panel people with David Walliams. We all felt part of something magical, something never seen before. We all felt part of an experience we shared with David Walliams. There was also many who missed this amazing challenge from David.

All of us expected there to be a good recap on BBC 3 from last night onwards. But most of us were really disappointed.
Not only are 5 half hours far to short to actually capture the full spirit of this amazing day, it was done really shoddily too. It was as if someone got in, chopped a small chunk from each show and stuck it together. This makes for weird viewing and doesn't do justice to David

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  1. Agnes Jansson Stockholm SWEDEN

    Pretty please with sugar on top?

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