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Created December 16, 2010 by Karen H

Animal Welfare

Nandor, was very much loved German Shepherd aged 4 years of age who went missing in Scotland, Fife on Friday 10th December 2010 Doing the right thing and with help from Dog Lost community and their helpers, his owners made an arrangement of people too search for him day and night in hope to bring him back home.

On the day of his disappearance, he had unfortunately travelled 4-5 miles from where he went missing and was unlucky to have been hit by a car on a roundabout. The police and the enviromental services nor the dog warden never let the owners know that Nandors body had been picked up, and disposed of. She found out by chance of talking to somebody who had heard of a dog which had been knocked down and killed on the road. Nandor's owner, rang the authorites and her worst fears were confirmed that it was her dear Nandor.

We at doglost and hope people who are made aware are absolutely disgusted with the lack of communication between the authorities at the time. He was tattooed and they never even checked.

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  1. michelle durney shifnal UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Suzanne Stevens Liverpool

    Our hearts go out to you and we hope Nandor is playing happily in doggy heaven.Ime sure his short life was a happy one with special memories for you.The Police should hang thier heads in shame.Fondly,Marc and Joseph

  4. Julie Cole UNITED KINGDOM

    It is a must for authorities to inform animal centres & tattoo/microchip organisations

  5. Ruth Curtis UNITED KINGDOM

    I found this petition after reading about another dog (Duffer) which has just been found in similar circumstances.
    The police, councils, and council workers must be made to recognise that our dogs are part of our families, when they go missing we look for them and want them returned, or to have news as soon as possible of what has happened to them. Our dogs are not rubbish, they are family.

  6. Julie Bearder UNITED KINGDOM

    Am sick and tired of hearing these stories recently. It simply is not right. We chip and tag our dogs for several reasons not least of which is so we can be contacted if the worst happens. Why is this system not working for us. After all we pay these peoples wages. It is so important that things are changed to reflect our concerns

  7. Sallie Sharp UNITED KINGDOM

    I have come to this page after reading the very sad post about Duffer on Doglost. I hope this petition will ensure that all dogs (and cats) are scanned or tags read when picked up by the police, council and council workers so that the owners contacted immediately. It won’t bring back our beloved pets but it will allow the grieving process to begin. There is nothing worse than not knowing.

  8. patricia jarvis UNITED KINGDOM

    would like a hard copy of the petition to take to my dog club… RIP handsome nandor xx

  9. pat jarvis UNITED KINGDOM

    RIP handsome Nandor xx

  10. David Barlow UNITED KINGDOM

    R.I.P Nandor x

  11. David and Josea Raymer UNITED KINGDOM

    Shocking, but typical. Elderley German Shepherd found outside our farm gate at weekend so no cantact with authorities. On informing RSPCA told no one available at weekend, put back on road ! (we didn’t, it ended up at local police station)

  12. julie mitcehll UNITED KINGDOM

    All dogs picked up by any authority dead or alive, should be documented and where ID is present owners should be contacted without fail ASAP. a database should be set up that all authorities have access to 24 hours.

  13. julie mitchell UNITED KINGDOM

    All dogs that are picked up dead or alive should routinely be checked for either tattoo/microchip or tag and if either of these are present their owner should be notified without fail ASAP.
    there should be a national database that all authories have access to 24 hours a day and this should be kept as up to date as possible

  14. Tim pearce UNITED KINGDOM

    As an owner of 2 GSDs and 1 Rottie, i consider it paramount to get all authorities to create a register to cover all dogs etc in their respective areas.
    I work with dogs every day and see how alot of dogs go missing , then end up in kennels or the worse .

  15. Dedee West-Peters UNITED STATES

    Just happened to see this, and although it has been some time , tears are falling for this poor dog and his family,I am a German Shepherd owner in the US,

  16. Dedee West Peters UNITED STATES

    Same thing happens here in the USA. Here in the mountains, they just throw the animals in “the pit” and that’s the end of it. Shameful. If you’ve lost an animal, go look in the pit, No one cares.

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