More convictions for Marital Rape

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Created April 13, 2011 by Rebecca

Human Rights

I have been a victim of marital rape more than once and i have spoken to other women who have been through the same. The law needs to change, to protect the victim, to prosecute the perpertrator. Most rape cases dont even get to court!. It is basically the wife's word against the husband's. Please sign this and lets stand up for our rights for more cases to go to court, for husband's to be convicted the same as stranger's are.

There are currently 14 signatures for this petition:

  1. Simon James Cuff Woodville UNITED KINGDOM
  2. chantal gray AUSTRALIA
  3. Jennifer Champken penticton CANADA
  4. Amy Pearson Hull UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Richard morgan Leicester
  6. cheryl homewood perth AUSTRALIA
  7. Jordan Connor stockton UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Laura Willis UNITED KINGDOM
  9. nichola andrews nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
  10. christine cooney chippenham UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Jennifer Brown Manchester UNITED STATES

    I was too a victim of Marital Rape and since I am Ill nothing was done to convict my ex, who is now walking free

  12. Johanne Williams Nottingham

    In light of the low % of convictions for rape cases in the UK i fully support this petition in an effort to tackle this serious crime from as many angles as possible. We need to show that as a community we are prepared to support each other and speak out so we can encourage society to realise this is still a very prevalent issue and needs further intervention. We all have a responsiblity so should do what we can, even if this is a small gesture of educating our children about healthy relationships

  13. Suzanne Stevens Liverpool
  14. Faye Wilson Buckie UNITED KINGDOM
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