MPs should be more professional

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Created April 8, 2014 by Simon Wilson


When people work with a company, they are expected to act professionally and reliably. If they do something wrong, a good employer give them three warnings and they are out

the house of commons is a place of work. This means the same rules should apply. The mps should be setting a good example to all of us. The country finances are in a mess. My understanding of this is to be resourceful and using what you have got. It is easy living like that because i do. People look far more clever if you bought the essentials when they are on a budget or if they are using public money. I don’t see how duck houses can help someone do a job. I consider buying duck houses unbelievably pointless. Mps should start thinking how much money they actually need to do the job. Why do they need 2 houses? Why cannot they have a flat as a second home. Nothing wrong with having a cheap flat!! £70,000 on a mortgage is totally stupid. Stop being stupid and think about how much which can be with that money when someone sensible distributes it. £70,000 could pay for nurses, £70,000 could pay for teachers’ salaries. I find that really sad that maria miller is that selfish to think that amount of public money could be claimed on a mortgage.

MPs need to understand by spending money, they have less of it to spend. I am ashamed they do not understand the concept of public money. I am wanting to make a positive difference to this problem otherwise we all will suffer.

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