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Created January 25, 2009 by Beau


The aim of this petition is to build a pressure-group to obtain a just little funding, so as to support the creation of a lift-sharing organisation.

Initially we will be targeting this at lifts to live-music events in Kent and East Sussex, but if it is successful the hope is that the idea might spread UK-wide.

Live-music in Kent and East Sussex is dying off rapidly, see my graph on of weekly live-music in Kent and East Sussex.
The credit-crunch is not helping, and people are increasingly worried about the drink-drive limits.
Those without cars and the disabled also have great trouble getting to gigs out in the country or in different towns.

So the suggestion is, why not share car-rides ?
With web-based emailing and mobile-phone texting this should now really be a practical possibility,
and we are looking to see how much interest there is in such a proposal.

Please sign up to this petition – this will give us an authenticated total of the people interested.
We will use this as a basis to see if we can go seek a small amount of funding, to then put such a system in place for real.
cheers, Dr. Beau Webber

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  1. Beau Webber Canterbury UNITED KINGDOM


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