National Referendum on the future of the NHS

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Created September 4, 2011 by Mick

National Affairs

The NHS is too much of a national treasure for its future to be decided by politicians – still less those who, in spite of their rhetoric, are hell bent on privatising  sorry ‘outsourcing’ its services to ‘any willing and able provider’.

Handing public funded facilities over to the private sector, to be run for profit by foreign owned, multi-national organisations, is a first step down the slippery road to US style, private healthcare.

As with water, gas, electicity, public transport and the railways – the big prizes of the last Conservative administration – when it’s gone it’s gone.

If ever there was a case for a national referendum, the future of the NHS has got to be such.

There are currently 125 signatures for this petition:

  1. barbara stenson UNITED KINGDOM

    i wish the nhs to stay as it is no part of itto be made private

  2. Charles Docherty UNITED KINGDOM

    My sentiments exactly, what right do MPs have to hand over the one real jewel we have to their friends in private Industry

  3. Gillian Dow UNITED KINGDOM

    Health should not be for profit!

  4. Danielle McArdle UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don’t take the one good public service this country still has to offer. cases of negligence are rising by the week this will be made worse with privatisation! Keep what we’ve got and concentrate on making it better!

  5. Mrs j and K Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    Mess with our n.h.s at your peril Cameron,remember what happned to your mentor Thatcher when she tried to force here will on the British public,Be Warned.

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