No Greece Bailout

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Created February 11, 2010 by Mark


This petition demands that the UK Government must not contribute any UK taxpayers' money to bail out Greece. Britain's economy and public finances have more than enough problems without pouring more money into solving the largely self-inflicted issues of Greece or the Euro.

There are currently 1114 signatures for this petition:

  1. Thomas Greetham Dronfield UNITED STATES
  2. Brian Lawrence Cirencester UNITED KINGDOM
  3. S Dalgarno Southend TURKEY
  4. James Higman Oxford UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Linda Halsey Camberley UNITED KINGDOM

    I fervently care about our schools, hospitals and children. If we have any spare money we should be putting it into that.

  6. madeleine TIDEY TURKEY

    no uk tax money to Greece

  7. John Gould Oxford UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Simon Troy Gravesend UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Lindy Wilson TURKEY

    This is an outrage, we are NOT in the eurozone so WHY should we be dragged into this outrageous situation. How many other countries who cannot keep control of their books are we going to have to bail out – NO to this.

  10. Mark Jones Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
  11. John Richard Muscroft Llanfair Caereinion UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Robert Grainger Exeter UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Claudine Coyle newry UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Brian Marshall Radstock UNITED KINGDOM

    Charity begins at home

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