No to violent crime in West Bridgford

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Created September 9, 2009 by Laurence


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There are currently 25 signatures for this petition:

  1. Tom Glover Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
  2. James Sane Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM

    Ironically West Bridgford has…a \"Police Station\" in the vicinity.
    It therefore beggers belief that people still feel intimidated to walk down the street.

  3. harry martin nottingham city UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Hanna Lawson-Allen Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Joe L West Bridgford UNITED KINGDOM

    Wholeheartedly agree. West Bridgford and its vicinities are being infested by undesirables and as law-abiding citizens of a supposedly developed country, we demand that we be adequately protected.

  6. Edwin Wallace Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM

    The amount of times I\'ve been threatened in large numbers while visiting friends while in West Bridgford is just ridiculous.

  7. faisal samih west bridgford UNITED KINGDOM
  8. henrik yau nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
  9. David Sane Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM

    A Fully staffed police station and also more communication with the residents in the local area should be a primary concern to tackle this. Actions to push more people to be specail constables will also help control this needless situation that can be easily sorted out.

  10. Gemma Swann UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Marianne Stone Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Nova Rose Hespera West Bridgford UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Luke Cahill Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Alan Merryweather Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Michelle Smith GERMANY
  16. Edward Rozwadowski West Bridgford, Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Rebecca Campbell Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM

    Nottingham\'s violent alcohol-fuelled behavior seems to be largely unchecked by the police in areas outside of the city centre.

  18. Ivana Cahill Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Jacob Murphy UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Joseph Vaughan Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
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