Non School Uniform!

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Created February 13, 2015 by JP Lenk


Its scientifically proven that that children work better in their own comfy clothes as they have more freedom to move and children always seem happier in comfy clothes. Non school uniform also allows children to be themselves and express themselves how they want to. It saves money now that you don’t have to buy uniform you can now wear the clothes you change into after school all day. Comfy shoes encourage people to move more, making them more fit and healthier. There would be restrictions from school about the length of the clothes and what is expectable in summer and in winter which the school would decide. Thank you for your time and please improve your child’s education

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  1. Anastasia Birks

    Because I hate wearing school uniform and it would be easer just to wear normal cloths.

  2. Jevan Cousins

    I am a student myself and fully support this idea. I feel individuality is essential in communities such as school, especially when kids begin to mature and develop their own personality. Of course some may argue that in such a judgemental society that adolescents may be oppressed due to their style however the problem is those who judge not those who express themselves. Schools are largely to blame for this as they tend to ignore problems to keep a clean slate and maintain a good reputation. If schools gain a good reputation for resolving problems rather than not having problems then the knock-on effects will be positive for many. But anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent, I really support this and hope it is passed.
    Jevan, 14

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