Open Places Of Worship As Shelter For The Homeless

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Created December 20, 2010 by Sarah


RECOVERY mental health charity requests that places of worship (chuches, mosques, synagogues etc) are opened as overnight shelter for the homeless.

There are currently 8 signatures for this petition:

  1. Lizzie Maitland Leicester UNITED KINGDOM

    Yes brilliant idea and about time believers did something to get humans off the streets. By 2012 everyone should have a place to go. Let's start now for everyone to have a warm place to sleep tonight and every night. In your name Jesus we ask this.

  2. Anjelika Rimkoute London UNITED KINGDOM

    It is time now to make a move from preaching goodness to do a real difference in people's lives

  3. trudi ridge wellingborough UNITED KINGDOM

    keep up excellent work!! ju st a suggestion why not swa p petitions with other organ isations so we unite as 1!! xx

  4. Gavin Gore luton UNITED KINGDOM

    Churches already do, please make mosques

  5. Victoria Salter UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Christina Hollingsworth Leicester UNITED KINGDOM

    Empty blocks of flats and offices should also be opened to allow the homeless to gain a roof over their heads.

  7. Kirsty Krotochwil UNITED KINGDOM

    Amazing idea.

  8. wendy redfern UNITED KINGDOM

    ive been homeless myself,something must be done

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