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Created November 27, 2012 by WCAA



The Soldiers of Oxfordshire Trust is funding the construction of a new museum building within the grounds of the Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock. This is the biggest new public sector project in woodstock since the building of the town hall in the early eighteenth century. English Heritage, Woodstock Town Council and West Oxfordshire district council all objected to the proposals on design and heritage impact grounds. In the face of this authoritative opposition, and in what we consider to be a biased report, the head of sustainable development dismissed objections as ‘subjective’ and the county council planning committee granted consent in 2010. The majority of surroundings residents were not consulted yet the building under construction has serious repercussions on both the conservation area and surrounding homes. At a height of at least a four-storey house it will tower over the listed wall, surrounding lanes and listed buildings.

This is a development that we consider should never have been granted consent, that we think would not have been allowed to a private developer, and on which we were not adequately consulted. We feel strongly that Oxfordshire County Council has behaved with scant regard to national policy, local people or due process.


We  object to (i) the inappropriate design and scale of the new Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock and (ii) the detrimental impact it is already having on Woodstock’s conservation area, listed boundary wall, historic streetscape and surrounding homes. We call upon Oxfordshire County Council to:

1. Re-design the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum without the excessively large, bulky and unattractive first floor structure;
2. Take action to repair and preserve for future generations the Oxfordshire Museum’s beautiful listed boundary wall;
3. Stop building work until the health and safety issues and listed building consent issues are resolved;
4. Fully consult with local residents on any future planning proposals; and
5. Properly consider local planning policies and take into account valid and authoritative objections made in respect of future proposals.

If you would like to help or you have any questions please email Sue McGlynn, Michael Farley, and the team, at wcaag@mail.com

There are currently 118 signatures for this petition:

  1. Miryam Clough UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Kate Bailey UNITED KINGDOM

    Disgraceful and unsightly building that should never have been granted planning. There should be a proper consultation involving all those concerned especially those in the immediate vacinity. Progression is a fact of life we all know that BUT not to the detriment of these beautiful Towns. KEEP IT IN KEEPING!

  3. Kate Bailey UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Emma Clark UNITED STATES

    it is way too big for this exquisite corner of Woodstock, entirely out of keeping with the surroundings – which, as everyone knows, is he first principle to consider as an architect. Very suspicious that planning should have been granted for such a building. Developers, planners, local council should RE-CONSIDER with guidance from professional bodies such as English Heritage together with local inhabitants, since they (Planners etc.) evidently do not seem to have much care or concern for English history themselves.

  5. Alex Basden

    Not in keeping with the area whatsoever. Whoever gave this planning consent needs to rethink this one.

  6. Roger McGlynn

    Inappropriate design and lack of consultation with appropriate bodies and the local community.

  7. Liam Medler UNITED KINGDOM

    It is not in keeping with it’s surroundings at all and would do little for the community

  8. Dr Paul Stonham UNITED KINGDOM
  9. James Marshall UNITED KINGDOM

    As one of the largest areas of green space left in the centre of Woodstock, the grounds of the museum are a significant area for both the appearance and ecology of the surrounding town. The construction has been built with little or no public consultation and a disregard of the residents opinions in the vicinity of the development, damaging both the local environment and the residents trust in the planning system. The building has a prominent position to the north and seen by all passing traffic, and now will sadly detract from the local vernacular with a design that is out of character from the area. Something needs to be done to make it clear how and why this project was allowed and passed, without widespread local knowledge and acceptance of its construction.

  10. Samantha McGlynn UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Josie & Terry Walsh UNITED KINGDOM

    of the strong argument already outlined.

  12. Terry Walsh UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Vaughan Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Because of the inappropriate design and scale of the building and the negative impact on the surroundings

  14. leslee holderness
  15. Jenny Atkinson

    It is a complete eye-sore, totally out of keeping with beautiful, historic Woodstock, ruining a very special conservation area and causing great distress to all those around. No private individual would have been allowed to construct such a monstrosity.

  16. Garry Hall UNITED KINGDOM

    the public consultation appears to be lacking which goes against inclusive planning and development.

  17. gill white UNITED KINGDOM

    objections already stated

  18. g white UNITED KINGDOM
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