Petition For Change In Medical Terminology For Pregnancy Loses of all Gestations

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Created May 2, 2011 by Maria

Human Rights

Sadly I have suffered 2 miscarriages now and feel angered and even more upset and distraught when staff at hospitals and doctor's surgeries refered to my babies as 'products of conception'. They where real people, very tiny but alive and real and it feels as though their lives have been devalued by medical staff referring to them as 'products of conception' instead of babies. No matter how old a baby is in gestation when he or she is lost, they should still be referred to as a baby, as thats what they are!

There are currently 36 signatures for this petition:

  1. Julie Murrell sandhurst UNITED KINGDOM

    I strongly agree, when i lost my little boy at 19 weeks, after giving labour and him being alive for a few precious moments it really distressed me to hear the insentive medical staff refer to my spontanous abortion or misscarriage. The one person who acknowlegded my loss and sat with me through the night was the lovely UNQUALIFIED care assitant! Perharps a change in terminology may help experienced medical staff to hav more undestanding of the valve of these little lifes to their families and help improve the care and support for bereved parents.

  2. Sandra Keys Knottingley UNITED KINGDOM

    I totally agree, a miscarriage is distressing ennough without such callous terminology being used

  3. andrew bristow spalding UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Margaret Leitch Blantyre UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Gillian Coulter Shotts UNITED KINGDOM
  6. shelley gray UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Lynne Egan Armadale UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Kerry Pritchard Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Jennifer Bampton Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Sarah Stuart Hitchin
  11. Stacey Guilliatt Scunthorpe UNITED KINGDOM
  12. pat brough liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Amanda Pandolfi Aurora CANADA

    Loss of a pregnancy is hard enough without having to deal with terminology that makes you feel your baby was considered less than human.

  14. Amy Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    I had an ectopic in 2009 and felt that the lack of acknowledgement of my baby extremely hurtful, my baby was and is much more to me than a 'product of conception'

  15. Kelly Dimmick UNITED KINGDOM

    Medical staff do a fantastic and hard job, but there are failures in caring for patients mental health and well being. When a woman sees a positive test, she is having a baby. She needs to be allowed to grieve, not treated as if she has stubbed her toe. I feel very strongly about sympathetic care. Being told to just get on with it, not being given proper info can lead to further problems with deression. I gave birth to a baby at 22 weeks, who was very much alive and have had medical staff call her a Miscarriage, Sponteneous abortion, and all sorts of horrible things. Simply your baby would do. I have heard awful tails of earlier loss, being called missed abortion and products of conception. I really believe this needs to be investigated and training given.So sorry for anyone who has suffered this.

  16. jodey agg UNITED KINGDOM

    i agree completely as a mum to an angel due to mmc at 8 weeks i carried my baby Rubee until 13+6 xxxx she and all other babies deserve the right to being acknowledged as they had a heartbeat there fore a spirit xxxx

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