Petition for Change in medical terminology for second trimester baby loss

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Created October 15, 2010 by Kelly

Human Rights

Maeve was born after 10 hours of labour, and lied for 1.5 hours. Like many Women have experienced, what I went through is referred to as "Miscarriage" because Maeve was born before 24 weeks. Miscarriage is distressing enough, but when you have had to go through full labour and deliver a placenta, it feels disrespectful. If your child was born alive it feels as though their life has been devalued by medical staff.

There are currently 543 signatures for this petition:

  1. Natalie Parfitt UNITED KINGDOM

    I have lost 2 babys before my successful ivf baby xxxxxxxxx

  2. claire cittern-jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Miscarriage is not a term that should be used after 16 weeks

  3. Dani whitelam UNITED KINGDOM

    I lost twins at 11 weeks as a miscarriage and just lost my precious baby at almost 21 weeks. To say both were miscarriages seems heartless. I went through physical labour and delivered my baby and the placenta. This is not a miscarriage in my opinion

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