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Created October 13, 2010 by Rachel

Human Rights

I am trying to make the medical profession have more consideration to the families of angel babies.

It is hard enough to give birth to a baby with no life signs or lose a child at a young age, without having to cope with staff who have little or no consideration to our feelings.

The stories I have heard are truly horrific. I have been sent emails from many parents or close friends describing incidents from mothers being ignored all day to being made to give birth over a bucket.

These stories have urged me to start this campaign to make a real difference to all future families that experience their worst nightmare becoming true. Here is a list of things we would like to change:Non standardized letters sent outnMothers not to have to wait in or near maternity units when having their after care appointments.

Where ever possible to have separate or sound proof rooms for delivery of our angels

Different coloured or a cleared way to distinguish our notes to show our loses. so we don't have to face nurses not reading our notes properly or missing key factors.

Staff members to READ our notes

Not to be made to give birth over bed pans (no matter how small the baby is).

For photos to be taken by the hospital in every occasion and to be kept at least a year to give the chance for all parents to change there mind whether or not they want them.

A list of wants written pre-delivery i.e to give the chance for families to get the parents cameras or something to dress the angel babies in.

To have letters sent out to make parents aware when the post Morton results are back

Offers of counseling to all parents

Staff to be better trained to deal with parents and angel babies so they are more sympathetic

To have clearer definitions of loss, not just miscarriage , still birth etc

For any baby with the chance of life signs at birth to be called viable (or something similar).

For staff to sit and talk to parents after any loss whether it be from miscarriage to sudden infant death (SIDs).

I have set up a facebook page that has gained nearly 400 members already (in just over a week) it is titled A PETITION FOR MORE CONSIDERATION FOR ANGEL FAMILIES

I intend to keep gathering stories support from people until i have enough to send to Parliament.

I would like to thankyou for your time in reading this email and hope you will cover this campaign. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE i hope i can count on you for your support.

Many thanks

Rachel Kitchingman

There are currently 310 signatures for this petition:

  1. Eve Hayford UNITED KINGDOM

    i had a MC only very early on in pregnancy but it was my first MC and aftrer having 2 healthy boys i was shocked, i wasn’t offered nothing other than call us if you bleed to much!
    i can’t even imagin what it must be like after giving birth and the baby is SBxxx i hope this goes far and does some good”!!!!

  2. Sarah Stiff UNITED KINGDOM

    I know I was one of the lucky ones – when I gave birth to my angel baby, my hospital were fantastic – but I know it isn’t like that for everyone. Every parent deserves the right to feel like a normal mummy/daddy and have the opportunity to dress, hold and take pictures of their child.

  3. Aimee-Victoria UNITED KINGDOM

    I have an Angel Dylan Lloyd and i was treated as best as i could be but some people such horrific storys and this disgusts me and something needs to be done about this!!

  4. Erin CANADA

    I hope this works cause hospitals do need to start treating us better I had a miscarriage in 2007 and was lucky to have a nurse who also went through one not to long before me so she stayed with me till her shift ended and even after it was over but the nurse who took over her position was quite horrid to me and was very rude.

  5. Kristie Heath


  6. sarah mitchell


  7. Joanne Trewin UNITED KINGDOM


  8. Louise Davie UNITED KINGDOM


  9. emmaline tuff UNITED KINGDOM


  10. Sara Talajlo UNITED KINGDOM

    Angel babies & their familes should be treated with dignity & respect.

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