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Created November 23, 2010 by Adam


So rumors are circulating that The Saturdays next single will be brand new material.


What's the point of that?

You've only just released your new album.

Whether this petition will come to their attention or not it would be a massive shame not to release 'Here Standing' as a single as it is hugely popular and will most definately secure them another top ten. I just don't want them to make the same mistake that they did with Wordshaker. Wordshaker was a brilliant album and they moved on from it too quickly, which is another reason why I think, and others think, that Here Standing should be released as it originally featured on Wordshaker.
I just hope The Saturdays know this as it would be a shame to move onto new material so quickly.
Whether the girls are excited or not about their new material is irrelevant. For the last year their management have been making poor decisions on their behalf when they should be listening to what the fans want. After all, the fans are the ones who support them and buy their music.

Check out the song here:

Here Standing is also the perfect winter warmer as its sultry rhythm and powerful chorus evokes a memory of feeling secure and protected. While the months remain cold and frosty, This song provides its own warm embrace.

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  1. Adam Smart Leighton UNITED KINGDOM

    AGREED! :)

  2. lily brown Dunn UNITED KINGDOM

    i know right! i love them sooooooo much and HS is a great tune! \r\ni don't want new material just yet. love em though

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