Please Increase The Upload Speed Of The Internet In Montenegro

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Created January 2, 2012 by aruseni


This petition is addressed to the office of deutsche telekom ag. We appeal to you on behalf of all users of t-com internet services in montenegro. We all encounter the same problem with the internet. The upload speed is too much limited to make our usage of the internet comfortable. This is noticeable while either working or using the internet in entertainment purposes. As listed on the official website of t-com in montenegro (telekom. Me), the fastest unlimited adsl plan is 7 mb/s, and it is mentioned that the upload speed should be 768 kb/s for this plan. The real situation is, unfortunately, even worse. If you test the download and upload speed using speedtest. Net (we have tested the speed in tens of houses in montenegro located in different cities), you will see that the real upload speed is about 0. 3, sometimes 0. 4 mb/s, which is only about 36. 62 kib (or 37. 5 decimal kb) per second. That means that even if you are just sending an email and attach 2 mib of photos, the message will be sending for about one minute. Even though this plan costs €44. 99 per month, which is expensive in comparison with many other countries, it doesn’t give the users a comfortable speed. If you are trying to upload a video (for example, to youtube or some other video hosting website), even if it is short and of low quality, the uploading can take about 40 minutes, and fail several times (because the connection was lost for a moment), so you have to re-upload it over and over (from the beginning). It is also very noticeable that when you upload something using such internet connection (with such upload speed limit), it becomes very hard to browse the web the way you normally do. As the link becomes busy when something is being uploaded over it, all other requests becoming very slow. If you open a website, your computer, of course, has to send a request to an appropriate web server. It also sends a request for each additional file on the web page, like images, flash files, javascript files, css and so on. Typically, the web browser has to make many requests for opening a web page (opening another page, of course, means sending other requests). And all these requests have to be transmitted through the network. However, as an uploading already occupies the link, all other requests are being highly delayed. In other words, when you start to upload a file, you are barely able to use the internet for anything else. A web page can be loaded after tens of seconds, maybe a minute. When you experience such delays, you start to think that it is simpler to wait while the uploading will be finished. So, we can conclude that right now the upload speed of the internet in montenegro makes it very hard to use the internet in many ways. This includes sending emails with documents, images and videos, uploading photos and videos to image or video hosting websites and social networking services, participating in voice and especially video conversations, and so on. Of course, in fact there is much more examples of situations where upload speed of the internet really matters, but even the examples cited above are critical for both working through the internet and using it for entertainment. We know that you are de facto the only isp in montenegro. And we believe that it shouldn’t stand in the way. On the contrary, it should even encourage you to improve the speed so the internet will be more useful for more real life purposes. It is doubtless that if a company cares about the customers and listens to what they tell (and we all believe that t-com is right that kind of company! ) even though it can be ignored (in a situation where there is no competition), such company can gain even more reputation. And people start to recommend such services even more, and do it sincerely, because they know that the company cares about them, and doesn’t make the service better just because the company is afraid to lose the customers if they choose some other provider, but makes the service better because they care, and want the people to think of them as of a company who makes the name by providing quality services and keeping making it better. We kindly ask you to consider this problem. Should any questions rise requiring more information, please feel free to ask us. We would appreciate your cooperation on this matter. Best regards,
t-com users in montenegro.

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