Please Save Ocean ward and childrens cardiac services in Southampton

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Created February 22, 2011 by Aimee


Despite being ranked the second best in the country, the children's cardiology unit at Southampton General Hospital is under threat as health chiefs look to cut the UK

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  1. Tem Isigollu Southampton UNITED KINGDOM

    My son had heart surgery there and the care during and after the operation were outstanding. Understandly there were a few cancelled ops when more serious cases came in at the last minute, but living in Southampton this wasn't a problem. If we had had to go to London each time, this would have added to the stress of an already stressful situation.

  2. Jamie Davis Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Lee Comach Southampton UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Kate Isigollu Southampton UNITED KINGDOM

    My son had open heart surgery at Southampton and has been monitored there since he was born in 1998.

  5. Jane Gulliver Southampton UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Lindsey Dedden Verwood UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Alice Mercer Weymouth

    It would be a shame to close such a good facility that has helped so many children.

  8. Patricia Beckley Swindon UNITED KINGDOM

    This ward saved the life of a relative last year. She would not be alive without their specialist care.

  9. Annalise Hecks Larkhill, Salisbury UNITED KINGDOM

    Our son was treated by the Cardiac Team in Southampton last year. We are still under yearly review with Dr Joseph and would not want to go anywhere else. We have built up a rapport with Dr Joseph and wish this to continue. The nursing and administrative staff on Ocean Ward are second to none and looked after Henry with the upmost care and professionalism. Having the Wessex Heartbeat house close by is an invaluable facility for parents who wish to be near their children during their stay in the intensive care and high dependency units. Although it is an hour drive to Southampton General Hospital it is still the closest unit to us and therefore the most convenient for us. We do not wish Southampton Cardiac Unit to close and cannot recommend it highly enough.

  10. Garry Stratton Swindon GERMANY

    For a friend.

  11. Ashley Spencer Newcastle upon Tyne UNITED KINGDOM

    Southampton is a centre of excellence for children’s heart surgery. Ill children should be able to have treatment close to home where family can be close and supportive. Please help families and their children to have centers close to home. Keep Southampton Ocean Ward open.


    Superior centers of of excellence in children’s heart surgery need to be kept open. Children need treatment near home where their families can support them. Keep Southampton Children’s Heart Unit open to save lives.

  14. Ann Wright UNITED KINGDOM

    This is an important centre of excellence and needs to be kept open

  15. Hannah Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a really vital service for south east, please keep it available to those who need it.

  16. Christine philpott

    This is the best children’s cardiac unit in the south and has a high rate of saving baby’s

  17. evelyn UNITED KINGDOM

    children need all the help they can get when ill.. dont stop fantastic service at soton

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