Reducing The Voting Age To 16:

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Created April 11, 2015 by GCSE Citizenship Group.


As I am sure you are aware, the ever evolving society has brought upon us many positive and negative things among our country (UK) but with more than an estimated 64. 1 million inhabitancies, among those people their voices want to be heard. In a democratic country, the opinions upon the young, middle-aged and elderly are vastly important on what vital decisions are made in the United Kingdom and what things/occurrences will be made as a result of the opinion of the general public within the United Kingdom would have made through voting. Alex Salmond (a scottish politician who served as the fourth first minister of scotland from 2007 to 2014) has stated lowering the voting age is ‘one of the greatest democratic experiences in scotland’s history’. With such great success as Alex Salmond says, why isn’t the United Kingdom following in Scotland’s foot- steps? The last reduction of the voting age was in 1969 in which 18 year olds were legally allowed to vote, that’s approximately 46 years ago, do you think this outdated law needs to be updated with the maturing society we live in? If you agree with the statement that 16/17 year-olds should be allowed to vote please sign your name to help contribute to our campaign, Thank you very much, our GCSE Citizenship group.

There are currently 8 signatures for this petition:

  1. Molly Sinclair-Ross UNITED KINGDOM

    I am in the group!! Although I do strongly believe the voting age should be lowered

  2. Joshua Keaveney UNITED KINGDOM

    Because I think it is the right age

  3. Joshua Keaveney UNITED KINGDOM

    Because I think it is the right age to lower to

  4. Joshua Keaveney UNITED KINGDOM

    I think 16 is the right age to lower the voting age


    It’s a good age to lower to.

  6. Charlie Schofield UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree the age should be lowered so we have more say as a ypunger age group.

  7. Younger people are much more switched on than when this law was first introduced, therefore the age should be reduced

  8. David Smith

    if a 16 year old is eligible to work and pay tax, then they should have the right to vote and elect the authority i.e the government and local council, who is charged with the responsibility of using the tax raised for providing services

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