Referendum for the new Crowle Town Council Building

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Created October 8, 2010 by Robbie


A petition calling for a referendum to be held by Crowle & Ealand Town Council regarding their agreement to commit

There are currently 38 signatures for this petition:

  1. McCluskey Ian Crowle UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Annmarie Sinclair Crowle UNITED KINGDOM

    I think that it is discusting using hard earned money on a new council building when the economy is as it is the funds should be used for the people of Crowle and Ealand whats wrong with the building you Hve? it looks good to me

  3. wayne belton crowle UNITED KINGDOM

    187 grand is alot of money to be wasted on new building they can buy my house for 130 grand and have 57 grand spare

  4. Trace Lovell Crowle UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Anne Parkinson Crowle UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Lorna Ilechko Crowle UNITED KINGDOM

    lead by example, re-generate and conserve in an existing facility, putting a planning application in for the restoration of an existing building's exterior, as you now invite others to do so, rather than putting up another nasty red brick building and toilet block in the square. Such a new building will not bring local tax payers flocking to the town square to spend a further penney !

  8. Joanne Potttage Crowle UNITED KINGDOM

    Thisi s a total waste of tax payers money when there are other buildings available for the council to use. Spend the money on other facilities such a playground for young children.

  9. Peter Took Ealand UNITED KINGDOM

    They have too many other choices of venue to warrant £187,000 of spending in these days of "austerity"

  10. Dannielle Sinclair Crowle UNITED KINGDOM
  11. kim armstrong crowle UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Joe Rawlings Crowle UNITED STATES
  13. Stephanie Sheppard Crowle UNITED KINGDOM

    I dont have a problem with the improving Crowles facilities, but, I have to say that the money could be better spent

  14. Brenda Spindley Crowle UNITED KINGDOM
  15. christopher whittell crowle UNITED KINGDOM

    there are better and more needed calls for this money.

  16. Dom Mitchinson Crowle UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Julie Duffield Crowle UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a waste of our money.It is a scheme proposed by councillors who then refuse to acknowledge the opinions of those they were elected to represent

  18. Graham Flear crowle UNITED KINGDOM

    At a time when the countrys finances are under severe scrutiny there must be ways to save wasting tax payers money and use existing buildings in Crowle for council business.It is about time that councillors understand who they are representing and listened to local peoples views.

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