Remove disturbing mannequins from stores across UK

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Created October 5, 2011 by Kathryn Cartwright


We, the undersigned, request that Topshop remove the mannequins pictured from all stores. 
 I was in Topshop, and I’d just paid for a dress when I glanced toward the lingerie section and struck by the shape of two of the mannequins. As you can see, the shape of them is just horrendous. That waist could only be achieved through dangerously drastic means, and this is the image that Topshop want to promote?!
"Hey, you’ll only look good in this underwear if your body is impossibly thin!"
As someone who’s suffered from anorexia for almost ten years, to see this in one of my favourite shops just frightens me. I thought we were getting better on this. A little bit of me really thought things might be getting better. I suddenly felt utterly **** about myself. Everything I worked for for the last year, trying to eat better, gain weight, feel good about myself all just got destroyed by this body shape that no one can ever, ever be, and it being put on display like it’s not sick. These mannequins depict the body of someone who is seriously ill, and they remind me of pretty much everything I hate about myself and fashion culture.
The amount of young women with eating disorders seems to rise every year, and promoting this sickly body image is just going to increase those figures. I just can’t understand who okayed these? Are there any women working in Topshop? And if there are, what the hell is wrong with them? My brain just can’t comprehend it.
Join with me in asking Topshop to pull these mannequins from stores, before any more people are as upset as I was.

There are currently 9 signatures for this petition:

  1. Philippa Gorringe UNITED KINGDOM

    This is disgusting. REMOVE NOW!

  2. This can’t continue.

  3. Persia Honar BAHRAIN

    totally agree :)

  4. Pav Hollie UNITED KINGDOM

    strongly agree x


    They are disgusting, get rid plesae.

  6. Richard Moore UNITED KINGDOM

    Topshop should be ashamed of itself.

  7. Penny Whitehouse UNITED KINGDOM

    I already feel shite enough in my underwear lol




    The mannequins should just be the NHS weight that is healthy, this could encourage girls to become anorexic or make girls feel self conscious about their weight if they do not look like this along with brain washing boys into thinking every girl is going to look like that, this is disgusting and wrong.

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