Replace East Surrey MP Mr Gyimah

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Created November 21, 2015 by Jackie Fisher


Are you satisfied with east surrey mp mr gyimah’s performance? Y/n

some may consider him a freeloader

why are 519 out of 635 mps more active (2014 figures) than mr gyimah when it comes to replying to their constituents. He did not reply to any emails, posts or letters to him in 2015 to support the local community over the threat of fracking. As childcare and education minister, is it his plan to remove support for sure start children’s centres. He thought it was was a good idea to hand over the school finances and freehold to some outside party – since when standards have dropped, local democracy has been removed and many outstanding teachers have left the school. If you are disatisfied with, or would like the deselection of mr gyimah (the mp for east surrey) then please sign this petition.

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  1. Myleen Hope UNITED KINGDOM

    I prefer to keep my own privacy

  2. Myleen Hope UNITED KINGDOM

    Mr Gyimah is a self serving freeloader

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