Revoke British Citizenship Of Anyone Traveling To Fight With Isis In Iraq.

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Created July 5, 2014 by Teshkow Sharif


British fighters traveling to iraq to fight with isis are being taught that borders do not exist. They are taught to brutally take what is not theirs and are encouraged via a strong social media campaign to get ready to take over the uk. With over 500 british fighters already in iraq, if they return with the know how on making home made explosives, they pose a genuine risk to the masses. I’m sure you are all with me when agreeing that these animals have no place in british society and should not be allowed back. Sign the petition!

There are currently 6 signatures for this petition:

  1. Teshkow Sharif

    They don’t value the reasons they came to the UK in the first place. Most of them ran from brutal regimes… Now they want to start one here

  2. Shkar Sharif UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree

  3. John Sephton UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree

  4. Maria freeman

    Anti terrorism

  5. Antho ny Thompson UNITED KINGDOM

    Simple….They go to fight for ISIS they DON’T Come back…!! We can’t afford or have the man power to watch them for the rest of their lives…. They Should NOT be allowed back…They made their choice by going out there to kill men, women and children…NO

  6. judith s goodwin UNITED KINGDOM


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