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Created March 17, 2011 by Neil


Our Management have not been running the company properly, there has not been proper elections for the directors or the company secretary, there has been problems with some leaseholders obtaining documents and the place is being run in a mafia style way by the management

We the undersigned request action from the directors to run Barnard Lodge (Management) LTD properly in the interests of all the leaseholders and to use an independent solicitor who does not have shares in the company

There are currently 19 signatures for this petition:

  1. Neil Hamilton UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Anne stimpson UNITED KINGDOM
  3. sharon adams sydney UNITED KINGDOM

    we support you

  4. Ben Foggart Brent UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Patrick Raz barnet UNITED KINGDOM

    We need an independant solicitor

  6. Steve Dodson Lydney UNITED KINGDOM
  7. issacs jessica Barnet UNITED KINGDOM

    good luck

  8. Mohammed Islam High Barnet UNITED KINGDOM

    sounds not a great place to live

  9. walker andrew UNITED KINGDOM
  10. e cullen london UNITED KINGDOM

    What a good idea

  12. Allen Dave UNITED KINGDOM
  13. binley greg barnet UNITED KINGDOM

    best of luck

  14. carla adams barnet UNITED KINGDOM
  15. save barnard lodge UNITED KINGDOM

    please pass petition on

  16. mark allan UNITED KINGDOM

    you have a lot of support

  17. alan hamilton UNITED KINGDOM

    Have you got back you and your neighbours stolen.prefrence shares bro?

  18. amos guilders UNITED KINGDOM

    You should get honest solicitors and directors buddy

  19. Neil Hamilton

    no Brother Alan most recent threat and demand from macroryward solicitors is on email below also directors have put in documents into companies house that now say myself and the cullens were never given any prefrence shares .we can prove otherwise and as you can see he is boasting as you can see

    From: John Macrory
    Date: Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 4:14 PM
    Subject: RE: shall i send this neil?
    To: neil hamilton

    Actually the cost is now £45,000, Mr Hamilton, & I do think you should read most carefully my letter of 9 April 2012, copy attached, before embarking on these ill-informed & somewhat spiteful diatribes.

    Did you ever in fact take legal advice , as you informed me on many occasions you were intending to do ?

    That you might find more fruitful than complaining to the police, the LVT, the Solicitors Regulation Authority , & anyone else you can think of, as all of that has achieved precisely nothing, hasn’t it ?

    Or do you now contend all of those bodies are corrupt also ?

    John Macrory

    MACRORY WARD, Solicitors

    27 Station Road,

    New Barnet,

    Herts EN5 1PH

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