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Created April 5, 2013 by Ronan


Clontifleece primary school, located on the outskirts of warrenpoint, is one of three schools currently “proposed” for closure under the ccms review. By signing this petition you will give all the children & families in the school the much needed support they deserve. The main objective of the petition is to state to ccms:
1. Your objection to the proposed closure
2. To request a fairer distribution radius to allow the school to attract more pupils
3. To request a more appropriate timescale for consultation with all parties regarding the schools future. 4. To highlight the outstanding level of education currently being received by the children and to consider that standard, rather than its “economic evaluation”.

There are currently 123 signatures for this petition:

  1. Elinor Bennett UNITED KINGDOM

    I went to this School back in the 90′s ! It was a great environment for learning and had a great School spirit :) ! Also it was fun, fun, fun X

  2. Megan Johnston UNITED KINGDOM

    my little brother Aaron attends the school and adores it! Honestly never seen him so happy and how excited he is for school everyday! Most of my family haves attend this school! And is honestly a amazing school! The teachers are amazing at what they do, my brother has learned so much! He is defiantly came out of his shell since he had started the school! He is now p3 and he tells me everyday of his school day and what happened in school, and it brings a smile to my face to see him so happy, the school has done a amazing job with all the kids and has been there for anyone. The school is located close to my house and Aaron enjoys it! And if I’m talking to any other pupil such as Aaron’s friends they tell me how much fun they have had. Aaron recently was in the Christmas play, he wouldn’t have never got on the stage and preformed the way he did, the teachers has defiantly made him more confident! It would be a shame for the school to close as it is a delightful and amazing school! I love the school and think it should be saved! SAVE THE SCHOOL! Please sign this to keep the school for the teachers and the pupils!

  3. Eileen Sykes
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