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Created September 29, 2010 by Samantha


With the possibility of Dunearn Primary being closed by Fife council, I am wanting to get as much publicity and backing to help keep the school open.

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  1. Alex Clark newtonhill UNITED KINGDOM

    As an ex Pupil. I owe my education almost in whole to the Professionalism of all the teaching staff, and the fabulous mix of Pupils which I was exposed to.A school which nurtured ability, grew confidence, and gave us all a can do attitude. Let's not lose it for our children.

  2. Amalia Carter Kirkcaldy UNITED KINGDOM

    Closing this school would be a disgrace. Both my grandchildren have attended there and have received / are receiving a top-rate education by a school and staff that actually care about positive outcomes for the children they educate.

  3. angela barrett kirkcaldy UNITED KINGDOM

    please keep school open

  4. Margret Hennessy Kirkcaldy UNITED KINGDOM

    I dont want the school to close it is a good school.It is near everything and the children love it there

  5. Jacqueline Wood Kirkcaldy UNITED KINGDOM

    This school is on a prime piece of land it is a good school and is beside the heart of Templehall.

  6. susan fair kirkcaldy fife UNITED KINGDOM

    i dont believe they dont have the money too fix our school but they just spend it on other things that are not important

  7. Catriona Thomson kirkcaldy UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Lisa Bennett Kirkcaldy UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Dave Brown

    I spoke with a now ex-councillor and he said that the land would be used to build new affordable houses…and it would take about 10m to bring Dunearn up to scratch…They can fin the resources for some things but not others…could be managed a lot better..Its a necessity for the community. Closing it down means more expense for parents and long journeys to pick up their kids.

  10. Dougy Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    KEEP THE SCHOOL OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. David Brown

    Scandalous … politicians thinking of the bottom line as opposed to childrens education

  12. Rodger Pheely UNITED STATES

    It is a great school and still much needed by the local community. The council will have to show due diligence in any decision and so far all I am seeing is a preempted decision made purely on very loose financial analysis far in advance of any proper evaluation process of all options. it would be good to see all the options considered and compared on both a financial and societal implications basis.

  13. Debbie Collins UNITED KINGDOM

    I went to this school best 7 years of my life..

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