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Created May 7, 2011 by Elizabeth


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There are currently 42 signatures for this petition:

  1. Elizabeth Hardwell UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Abigail Willett Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  3. E McGarthy brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    Eugene is an excellent member of staff & seriously strengthens the history department.

  4. Freddie Bates Brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    It's crazy there removing such a talented and helpful tutor!!

  5. chelsea unsworth UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Thomas Rose Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Charlotte Fraser Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Danielle Joyce Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Chess Dennis Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Robin Wooller Brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    Save Eugene!

  11. alison bateman brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  12. sophie harding UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Jess Bayliss Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  14. julia foglia brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    eugene is one of the best memebers of the history department i have been taught by in my two years at sussex- it would be a huge mistake to get rid of him!

  15. Amber McNicholas Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Rachel Lepley UNITED KINGDOM
  17. jessica lanham-cook brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    save Eugene!

  18. Patrick Wheatley arundel UNITED KINGDOM

    Eugene, as one of the few lecturers who actually studied at Sussex, for him to go would undermine the institution and the students it educates. the university should consider it central to have its former students continue to teach here. i could write reams on why Eugene as a person and lecturer is necessary in the department, but i am sure you realise this. i hope it is understood what a huge mistake Eugene's exist would be to both the department and to the development of the students that he has deeply inspired.

  19. Lauren Bennet london UNITED KINGDOM

    Please dont leave!!

  20. Abigail Smith UNITED KINGDOM
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