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Created December 10, 2009 by Redbridge


We, the undersigned, are very concerned about the proposals by the Redbridge Primary Care Trust within the "Health for North East London" program. These proposals substantially downgrade medical facilities at King George Hospital, the only remaining general hospital in the borough. Of particular concern is the absence of Accident and Emergency provision and the risks this may have for local residents.

We ask the PCT to reconsider their proposals such as to safeguard and improve the quality of medical care in Redbridge and in particular the long term future of accident & emergency medical services in Redbridge.

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  1. Toni Dipple Ilford UNITED KINGDOM

    This is absurd. The other local hospitals are already over-loaded and underachieving. This is a painful way to try to save some money from a crisis caused by bankers, not a genuine way to help the community, in our so-called 'Big Society'.

  2. amanda bowman loughton UNITED KINGDOM

    I had my first born son at the maternity ward & believe its vital to the local community.

  3. Lesley Richards Barkingside UNITED KINGDOM

    I work as a nurse in the A/E dept, if we close it will be a total disaster for the people or this borough. Please come and speak to us nurses we can help you save money and put the NHS back on the map where it should be. Most of government costs are due to legal issues from complaints and disasters, this can all be stopped with the right nos of nurses, doctors and equipment. We do not need more than 1 top manager, we should be charging for ambulances called instead of a cab, stop giving out paracetamol and ibrufen its 23pence in tesco! I could go on and on.. it will be the worst government descision to closeus down..

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