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Created May 15, 2011 by matthew


We the undersigned would like to express to the Local County Council that we oppose the restriction of stopping the bus passes for the blind. It is essential that the bus passes should be allowed to be used from 8:30 – 9:30am. We also demand that the companion bus pass is kept for the visually impaired as this is vital to their freedom.

There are currently 73 signatures for this petition:

  1. Deborah Gihawi Norwich UNITED KINGDOM

    Give back bus passes to the blind and partially sighted

  2. Charles Brockley Norwich UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Brenda Arthur Norwich UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a vicious cut that has to be opposed.

  4. Linda Starling Norwich UNITED KINGDOM

    It is shameful that such a petition should have to exist.

  5. Olivia Stevens Norwich UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Paola Colombo Norwich UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea

  7. Martin Lake Norwich UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Terry Coulton Norwich UNITED KINGDOM

    I am disgusted at such hearless meaness. I guess no-one at County hall has sight problems and needs help?

  9. louise culley norwich UNITED KINGDOM
  10. sue whitaker UNITED KINGDOM

    Typical of this County Council – no concept of the devastating effect this change will have for blind and partially sighted people, particularly for those in employment,

  11. Jonathan Pollard UNITED KINGDOM

    I travel from norwich to gorleston just to have a job in these harsh times and now really feel this from my wages

  12. Nicky Holloway UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely disgusting, the Council always take from the people who need it the most

  13. T Charles UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree my wife and i find it very useful. We do not own a carZ2

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