Save Our Pitch At The Old Saltburn Junior School

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Created September 27, 2012 by Cathal


The old Saltburn junior school playing field has been played upon by young children in Saltburn for over 100 years – and now the council have decided to sell the field for housing development . Since the school closed and moved to its new home, Saltburn Athletic have used this playing field for 7 a side matches for their teams up to under 10′s. Losing the only 7 a side pitch in the town will mean the club cannot recruit young teams and this could spell the end for our future as a club.

We want to see this field saved for future generations of children to play on – and as it is the last flat piece of grass within Saltburn town it should be saved!

Please help us to save our pitch by signing our petition, thank you.

There are currently 245 signatures for this petition:


    it is important that young people continue to have the opportunity to play sports on this important historic pitch.

  2. Carol Coman UNITED KINGDOM

    Green spaces to play, walk etc are so important – there is too much concrete already….

  3. Mark Hathaway UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Glenn Pearson UNITED KINGDOM

    it is so vital it remains a football pitch for the younger generations of this town. To lose this pitch which doesn’t offer any real benefit to the council or developer, would be devastating for the community and it’s well being. What about parents who don’t have the luxury of a car. When all neighbouring towns are getting millions to develop sports facilities, Saltburn is been left with nothing but housing developers taking every last bit of grass left until nothing is left.

  5. Duncan Whyte UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally support your campaign. To get kids out in the fresh air and being kids is more important than the proceeds of the land sale.

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