Save Stank Hall Barn

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Created April 2, 2009 by Jason


The story behind the troubled barn is simple, Leeds City Council intend to sell this historic barn to local developers instead of keeping it as a historic landmark.
We intend to save this barn from the fate of developers, the local area around this barn has been bleated by developers during the previous years who in turn have destroyed the local heritage of this once well known coal mining and mill town, 75% of the local mills have either been converted to flats or demolished to make way for un-needed local housing, Many of these new developments still stand empty, Don't let stank Hall Barn Suffer the same fate, Help us make a difference, please sign this petition to show that you do not want Stank Hall Barn to be sold to Developers, instead sold to a private invester who will keep it as it should be and available to the public.

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