Save The Public Right Of Way To The Staines Moor Land

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Created October 16, 2013 by Whatford


We are trying to save the public right of way on to staines moorlands, which has been in place for decades. The issue of safety could be resolved by the installation of a safety gates on the crossing, but in an attempt to save funds, network rail are reluctant to put these in place and are favouring closure. Which there for means the main point of access would be at the top of moor lane, which is already terribly congested with parked cars and will only become worse when dog walkers and moor users are forced to park there too. Please help save our right of way to one of the few green spaces left within the m25 area.

There are currently 129 signatures for this petition:

  1. Gary Allen UNITED KINGDOM

    Because the right of way needs to be kept.

  2. jonathanedew UNITED KINGDOM

    This is another example of the increasing trend to a nanny state. Access across the moorland here dates back over a thousand years, and for the sake of a few thousand pounds, Railtrack think they have the right to block the access to what is common land. Poor show Railtrack!

  3. John Gross UNITED KINGDOM

    I support the need to retaining the right of way.

  4. Rebecca Gross UNITED KINGDOM

    I support the need to retaining the right of way.

  5. janet green UNITED STATES

    this crossing is safe and should never have been closed

  6. Annabel Foreman UNITED STATES

    Keep the right of way. The crossing was made safe, keep it open. Closing it is just an excuse for Network Rail not to maintain it’s safety. If it was such an unsafe crossing why was it not closed straight after the accident six years before. The alternative route to the moor over the bridge is hazardous.

  7. Carl Foreman UNITED STATES

    I support the need to retaining the right of way

  8. jeremy casey UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a right of way,someone should not not be able to close this footpath because they decide they want to,I want to be able to use this right of why should whoever,close it and stop a lot of people using it?

  9. Cliff Edwards UNITED KINGDOM

    Rights of way should not be closed.

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