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Created February 20, 2011 by Emma


This is a petition to object to the proposed closure of Walton Park Sports Centre, By Liverpool City Council.

The centre is used by all ages and various groups.

Please sign and stop the Goverment taking a popular and much needed part of our community away !

There are currently 94 signatures for this petition:

  1. Liz Nolan Crosby UNITED KINGDOM
  2. hilary brown lpool UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Jackie Taylor Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    In brief, this is my local sports centre and I have been using the facilities for years. It is also great for the young kids and the local schools make good use of it too. It would be such a shame to see such a popular sports centre closed down. I am definitely in favour of keeping it open. Thank you for reading.

  4. Ann Marie Constantine Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Jason Porter liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    dont close the important things, stop wasting money on stupid things…get a grip!!

  6. Dom McKenzie UNITED KINGDOM

    Spooky. I’m a director of a not for profit company based at Walton Park Sports Centre in SALE! We have just transferred ownership from Trafford Council to a community based company 3 weeks ago. This is a message of solidarity in your efforts and also an offer to assist should you require it. We gor a great deal of help from a similar group who took over their local sports centre in Devon. Good luck in your efforts to keep your local facilities open.

    TRAFFORD Council has transferred ownership of a Sale leisure centre to the community.

    The keys to Walton Park Leisure Centre on Raglan Road, have been handed over to Walton Park Sports Centre Limited (WPSCL), which comprises Sale Weight Training Club, Trafford School of Gymnastics and Walton Park Indoor Football Centre.

    Trafford Rowing Club will also continue to be based at the centre.

    The 4 groups have used the facility for many years and worked closely with the council to secure its future.

    Executive Councillor Jonathan Coupe said: “Transferring ownership of Walton Park Leisure Centre puts the power firmly in the hands of the people who know it best.

    “WPSCL have some fantastic ideas about how to develop the centre for the good of the community and I look forward to seeing how things progress.”

    Give it some thought. Surely local people can run their own amenities better than politicians based miles away!

    Dom McKenzie, Sale

  7. john blackmore UNITED KINGDOM

    I am 69 years young and have used these facilities at Walton park for many many years I just go to the baths now 5/6 times per week I meet new friends when I am there and the staff are wonderfull
    In this day and age when we are trying to get our children interested in sports and not sit at home on those I/pods etc etc its a dam shame that this local labour run council has decided to close this baths surely there must be funds in the budjet to keep this pool up and running so come on Joe have a re-think and let us have some joy in our old age

  8. mark bramell UNITED KINGDOM

    Liverpool city council must stop selling of our city for their own profits

  9. Helen Robinson UNITED KINGDOM

    Brought up round the park leave it alone


    The park was left to the people of Liverpool …not to the council’s .

  11. Harry fisher UNITED KINGDOM

    The park is well used by the public.


    The council should stop selling off the city’s assets and green spaces. They should put people before profit. Green spaces should remain for the benefit of the greater good and not just an elitist few!

  13. lorraine UNITED KINGDOM

    I use this park each and every morning with my friend as well as are dogs who are dog friendly as all other dog walkers we meet each day.
    And yes we all pick up are mess :)

  14. lorraine kelly UNITED KINGDOM

    I go every single day

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