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Created July 5, 2012 by buckles


In 6 weeks the council will be holding a consultation to decide on the fate of several tameside libraries, one of these will be our beloved west end library. So many people use and enjoy our library; oap’s learning it skills, local rainbows/brownie groups, kids and young adults using the quiet space to do their homework, parents and tots for the weekly ‘time for a rhyme’ and ‘stay and play’ sessions, 2 local schools frequently visit with classes of 30, during the school holidays the libraries fun craft sessions are a huge hit and always crammed with happy children. For the last several years the government has created schemes such as bookstart to encourage younger readers and they are now talking about a compulsory library card for every child to use in their local library, by taking away our local library they are depriving our children of an opportunity to begin and expand their reading skills and removing a massive community resource. Personally, i have wonderful memories of visiting this library as a toddler and now as a parent and childminder i go twice a week. Its a landmark memory and one i wish to continue for other children. Please help us save our library, we dont have much time. Thank you.

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  1. Lisa Eckersley UNITED KINGDOM

    The library is a vital part of our community and to close it is appalling.

  2. Rachael Gibson UNITED KINGDOM

    “I received the fundamentals of my education in school, but that was not enough. My real education, the superstructure, the details, the true architecture, I got out of the public library.”
    — Isaac Asimov. New York: Doubleday, 1994.

  3. Rebecca Cohen UNITED KINGDOM

    Best of luck!

  4. Kristian Tunnicliffe UNITED KINGDOM

    This library is the core of dentons schools and closing it would cause so much conflict. What would go on the land another set of brand new lifeless flats?

  5. Simal Patel UNITED KINGDOM

    Local libraries are essential for broadening the horizons of the communities that surround it, whether it is children discovering new worlds through reading or the elderly learning a new skill and surfing the internet. Closure of these libraries should not simply be accepted.

  6. Rose Gibbs UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep libraries open :)

  7. Ken Redfern UNITED KINGDOM

    As I used to teach computer skills to the marvelous residents from the area, I feel very sad that this well established library is under threat. Tameside councellors should hang their heads in shame.

  8. Gaynor Busch-Petersen UNITED KINGDOM

    Just received a leaflet from Tameside council together with yet another bin. Leaflet reads: YOU recycle your waste, YOU choose how to spend the savings. (Their capitals) Well I choose to spend mine on saving the library! Acc to their stats, each household that uses the blue and green bins saves the council £177 per year.


    It is scandalous to close a community library in the 21st Century so that the property developer from Devon benefits. This Government cares more about their International status, funding development aid to Countries which are spending Billions on Space programs and Nuclear Proliferation rather than looking after the poverty stricken in their own countries, whilst in the UK they are CUTTING FUNDING and thereby contributing to shutting down services in local authorities and closing libraries.

  10. Peter king UNITED KINGDOM

    The money used to provide everybody with those little brown bins could have been used to cover the library’s running cost . What a waste they are !!!!!

  11. John Whittington

    Our children regularly use the library, for books and holiday activities. It’s been a big part of their childhood and it would be a great shame if it were to close.

  12. Jane Pickford UNITED KINGDOM

    The library is a big part of the Dane Bank community .Please keep the library open.

  13. Anne Wilkinson UNITED KINGDOM

    Closure of West End library will be a great loss to our community – we should all fight to keep it open!

  14. Stephen Nowell UNITED KINGDOM

    This library is crucial to the community and should be kept open without question.

  15. Peter Bradley UNITED KINGDOM

    This library is a tremendous asset to the area and should be kept open.

  16. Jimbo Taylor

    It is shocking that Denton West End Library is closing down. All the money the council gets and the tax we pay is shocking as well, so why dont they pay for it.
    In dane Bank there is no local service that tameside provides for us so why close Denton west End Library.

    There are a load of old people in Dane Bank and they cant get out and about and they wont be able to get to the different librarys around tameside

  17. claire carr

    a valuable resource for the community needs to keep open for young and old .Reading is so important for children it would be an absolute disaster to lose this facility.

  18. kay hackney
  19. kay hackney

    Because… The library is important to the community.

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