Say No To Mof.h4 Development On Protected Area Of Open Space

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Created June 30, 2018 by Moffat Neighbour


Dumfries & galloway council have identified and approved through their local development plans 1 & 2 a site for 200 houses in an area of moffat which encompasses aulton motte, a saxon castle ruin and frenchland tower, a 16th century ruined house. This site is also a ‘protected area of open space’ rich in wildlife and part of what makes this town so special. If you think this is wrong then please sign this petition and pass it on to anyone who is interested in protecting moffat from unnecessary development.

There are currently 13 signatures for this petition:

  1. Lynn Anderson

    Apart from the obvious reasons stated in the body of the Petition, Moffat simply cannot sustain new properties without the addition of infrastructure to support them. Our Primary School absolutely cannot take many more children, the Dr provision is in crisis, we have no Police presence, the roads are a terrible state of disrepair already and there is no Social Work or Drug and Alcohol support for what are likely to be vulnerable families moving into the area. This is a box ticking exercise with no thought to the existing community. Our amenities are stretched to the limit already. Plus there are no plans to develop any enterprise in Moffat and surely you cannot have one without the other.

  2. Carol Munro

    It is a beautiful area which should be protected from development because of the
    historical interest and wildlife.

  3. Hazel Douglas

    Moffat does not have the infrastructure to cope with a further 200 houses. Our GP surgeries are in crisis with no one willing to take on the burden of ownership. The A708 is already a very busy road and would be exacerbated by the increased volume of traffic on the narrow part of the road at Holmend. Stop this now before Moffat becomes a vast retirement village.

  4. Ian Paterson

    A completely unnecessary development.

  5. Donald Moir UNITED KINGDOM

    This development will completely change the character of Moffat and explode the population by about 500 people. Services will not be able to cope.

  6. Margaret Moir UNITED KINGDOM

    Moffat cannot handle the population explosion that this developnent will cause. School, doctors, shops etc.

  7. Linda Breakes

    This site has 2 unique historical features and is also a ‘protected area of open space’ rich in flora and fauna, so much of which nowadays is gradually being whittled away. Has the Council considered other areas of ‘wasteland’ which could be used instead?

  8. Robert Brocklehurst UNITED KINGDOM

    The existing A708 through Rogermoor and the cross roads at Ballplay Road road will not be able to cope with any increase in traffic. The A708 is already stretched to capacity with it being designated a strategic timber haul route.

  9. Laura Hardie

    Do not spoil the absolute beauty of the area.
    If more houses are built then more schools, doctors etc will be needed so then more building again.
    This cannot happen !

  10. Hugh Shovelin UNITED KINGDOM

    Moffat shrinking Gp surgery’s, Moffat school nearly at full capacity. Could Moffat’s infrastructure handle another 300-400 hundred people. I don’t think so.

  11. Gina Hirst UNITED KINGDOM

    We have one doctors surgery which is now stretched to capacity, the junctions to this proposed site do not seem to be suitable bearing in mind this is a major route for log lorry’s bringing timber out of the Forrest for the nxt 25 years.

  12. Kevin binney UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m not from Moffat but have visited Moffat many many times since 1982. In that time the beauty of Moffat has attracted me to want to move up there, however if this goes ahead it will have bearings on any proposed move. Very disappointing that any council would let this go ahead ????

  13. Lisa Binney UNITED KINGDOM

    Proposed development would change the area for the poorer.
    Expansion on this scale rarely improves a town.

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